10,000 sq ft. Spanish mansion with 4,000 sq ft. of patio overlooking the TN River  |   10 public restrooms  |  multiple lounges  |  40' x 80' tent


110 rolling acres of farmland   |   half mile frontage on the Tennessee River


the glory and grandeur of Europe   |   the enchanting green hills and legendary hospitality of the Southern Appalachians

Q & A

Can I bring outside vendors?  Is there a fee?

Yes, you may bring any vendors you would like (subject to Tennessee RiverPlace approval), and no, there is no fee for bringing outside vendors.  However, we do have a list of preferred vendors who have a proven track record of quality service at Tennessee RiverPlace.

Will there be a staff member who can assist me at my event?

Yes, a staff member will be available for the duration of your event.  This is included in the cost of every event.

What kind of hours are available?

Our standard offering is 10 hours, but we let you rent up to a total of 12 hours at a prorated cost.  Some days are available for 1/2 day rental.  There is a fee for overage.

What is the cost to host an event?

Event cost varies by month and day of the week.  Please call, email, or use the contact form on this website to inquire about cost and availability.

Are there any extra per person charges?

No, we do not charge per person.

What spaces are available?

Beautiful grounds spaces, covered patios, indoor event spaces, two lounges, commercial kitchen with attached bar, walkway with pergola, 40' x 80' tent, 50' x 90' outdoor patio.

Do you have package discounts?

For the most part, there is just a single offering which includes the above spaces plus 200 chairs and 20 tables.  However, there are some a la carte rentals that you can take or leave depending on your needs.


My event isn't typical.  Do you have custom options available?

Yes, we offer custom options.  We host many different types of events.  Feel free to be creative, and we'll see what we can do.

What items do you have available for rent?

Chairs, tables, linens (white, black, brown, purple), chair covers (white, black), sashes, audio/video equipment, two sound systems (basic use and expanded use),

Do you offer setup and cleanup?  Is there an extra fee?

There are some guidelines, but we generally setup whatever you rent from us and perform a general cleanup after the event.  This is included as part of the event fee.

Is there space for parking?

Yes, tons of space for parking, and it's free.

Is there wi-fi that my party and my vendors can use?

Yes, we have wi-fi available.

Can I setup before my event or stay and clean up after my event?

No, rental hours are inclusive of all setup and cleanup, including vendor setup and cleanup.  Because we often do back to back events, we don't welcome anyone outside of the contracted event hours.  We definitely don't want anyone intruding on someone else's event or hindering our staff from being able to perform their duties.

Can I store my belongings at the venue after my event or drop things off early?

Generally no, but please ask well ahead of time if you need special arrangements, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Is there a fee for photography?

No, if you have a current event booked with us.  Otherwise, it is $75/hr.